10 Summertime Activities to Keep the Family Active

Do you remember way back when summer meant eight-hour beach days and unlimited backyard time? We’d stay outside for hours, entertaining ourselves with tree forts and man-made ant kingdoms, only coming inside when our parents made us. These days, summer has a lot more distractions to deal with. Sometimes our kids are more excited by screen time than sun time, which can lead to unhealthy habits if left unchecked. To make sure your whole family stays active this summer, we’ve compiled a list of kid-approved summertime activities. We want to help you turn off the screens and turn on their imaginations!

summertime activities

  1. Backyard Battles
    • Whether your choice of weapon is a paper towel roll or water balloon, this activity is guaranteed fun for all ages. Just divide into teams and decide which half of the backyard to defend. Don’t have a big backyard? No worries! Bedroom Battles can be just as fun. Pro tip: make it kids vs. parents. They’ll go crazy over it!
  2. Playground Hopping
    • You’ve heard of the classic bar hop, but we added a kid-friendly twist. Explore your city the best way possible. If your kids are older, they might even have fun ranking each playground from best to worst.
  3. Stargazing
    • Fill your kiddie pool with pillows and blankets, or pump up that air mattress. Your kids will love laying out back and learning new constellations.
  4. Fly a Kite
    • You won’t believe how fun kite-flying can be! To take this activity to the next level, make your own kite as a family and let the kids decorate it.
  5. Jump Rope
    • All you need is one long rope and a few songs. Before you know it, your kids will be double dutching their way to Texaco and begging you to jump in.
  6. Squirt Gun Painting
    • Worried about the mess of finger painting? Fill squirt guns with liquid watercolors and take the fun outside. Your kids will love this creative squirt gun activity!
  7. Farmers’ Market
    • Teach your kids to love fresh veggies and fruits by spending an afternoon picking them out! Also, help them try out the iTOVi portable nutrition scanner before you go. 
  8. Grow a Garden
    • Playing in the dirt can be fun for adults, too! Not only will your kids love to get their hands dirty, but a garden lets them learn where their food comes from.
  9. Water Balloon Baseball
    • Even your grumpiest of teenagers will love this one! Especially when they get to pitch to mom or dad.
  10. Make a Music Video
    • Have a superstar in the family? You’d be surprised what creativity comes out of kids when there’s a camera in front of them. Pick a song, pull out some props, and watch the hours fly by.

summer activities

We hope these kid-approved activities help you make this the best summer ever!

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