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iTOVi Kitchen: Pear-Apple Pie

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Pear-Apple Pie with Essential Oils It’s National Pie Day! Quite possibly one of the best days of the year. There’s nothing more American than a good ‘ole apple pie, but there’s nothing more delicious than a pear-apple pie made with essential oils. We’ve adapted this recipe from Recipes with Essential Oils and golly, it’s [...]

How to Start a Wellness Journal

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Starting a journal is a great New Years resolution that can leave you feeling at peace and in tune with your emotions. Many of us worry that a journal will be too time-consuming for our busy schedules. It’s not always about finding the’s about making the time. Your time spent journaling is time [...]

Explaining iTOVi to Non-Oilers

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Do friends or family members ever ask you about your iTOVi scanner, and you aren’t quite sure how to explain it? If they use oils, it’s pretty easy to get them excited about a personalized wellness scanner. But...what if they aren’t oilers? How do you briefly sum up galvanic skin response at a holiday [...]