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Essential Oil Guide to Battling the Winter Blues

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Have you been staring out the window for the past half hour, daydreaming about lying on a beach in the Bahamas? Are you sick and tired of scraping the ice off your car windshield every morning? Do you long for wildflowers and bluebirds instead of snowflakes and sweaters? If so, you could probably use [...]

Better Rest with Essential Oils

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There’s nothing more frustrating than a restless night. You’re tossing and turning, counting sheep, trying to calm your mind - but nothing seems to work! We’ve been there. Whether you can’t stop thinking about the 287 items on your to-do list, or if your little one keeps climbing into your bed every night, we [...]

Build Your Social Media and Business with iTOVi

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iTOVi scanner? Check. Friends and family that are excited about their scans? Check. Using your scanner to build both your social media and your business? Uhh...that's an area we're sure we could all use some help in. Now, where would you be able to advertise your scanner, include your testimonial about it, and be [...]

A Busy Bee’s Guide to Indoor Plants

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Here at iTOVi, we’re pretty picky about what we bring into our homes. Whether it’s essential oils, food, or potted plants, we only bring in the best of the best for our families. When it comes to indoor plants, you really can’t go wrong bringing a little of the outside in! But there are [...]