The power to purchase EO’s through the iTOVi App is here!

App release 3.8 allows your clients to shop your EO store after receiving recommended oils through an iTOVi Scan.

What’s new with our 3.8 release?

Celebrate one of our biggest app releases with us! We’ve built some pretty powerful features and we want you and your clients to enjoy them. Here’s what’s new!
  • In-app shopping for your favorite essential oil products and your associated customers.
  • View localized retail price, wholesale price, and unit size for essential oil products, and product bundles within the iTOVi app product pages.
  • Dedicated ‘Buy Now” button on General Info PIP redirecting you straight to your company website. This will allow clients to purchase under your affiliate site.
  • Manage your affiliate website and URL within the iTOVi app.
  • Manage (view, add, and delete) the clients who are shopping through your affiliate link via iTOVi. 
  • Push notifications for affiliate shopping requests.
  • To top it all off we’ve created a tutorial to help you navigate through the new features and functionality of this release. Enjoy!

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We empower wellness through essential oil recommendations.

We feel so lucky to have such great customers…

“Power in your hands! It’s convenient, travel ready, and takes the guess work out of recommending oils for my wellness or others.”

Sarah B.

“Loving my iTOVi Scanner. I’ve been using it for personal use mainly after I train or surf. The recommendations are spot on and give me a sense of peace.”

Katie T.

“The biggest benefit of using the iTOVi Scanner is that it opens up the door to first interactions when introducing oils to others. Pure empowerment!”

Jamie D.

Let’s do this!

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