Breathe-in brain support! 

Combine this blend with meditation, de-stressing activities, or brain-supportive yoga to increase the benefits!


2 drops of Black Spruce

1 drop of Clary Sage

1 drop of Marjoram

2 drops of Cedarwood

How to Use this Essential Oil Blend with Yoga

Step #1: Diffuse & Prepare

Diffuse this blend. Let it start to fill the air as you roll out your yoga mat and do your initial stretches. 

Emphasize yoga poses that support the brain (some examples listed below).

Step #2: Warm Up

Start with easier, upright poses where it will be easier to breathe deeply, such as: 

As you do these poses, try to catch the smell of the blend on the air with every breath. This will help keep you mindful. 

Try to hold each pose for at least 30 seconds. 

Step #3: Push 

When ready, may move on to harder poses like

Step #4: Wind Down

After spending some time with the harder poses, repeat a few of the easier poses to finish. 

Continue to breathe deeply, noticing the blend in the air as you do.

Support your brain with a few minutes of meditation at the end of your yoga session.

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