iTOVi for Business

Whether you are just starting out on your wellness journey or are an experienced advocate, iTOVi has made business easier than ever. From breaking the ice to caring for long-term clients, the iTOVi nutrition scanner is the ultimate tool for growing your wellness business. Get started with iTOVi and begin growing your business today!

  • Personalized product information
  • Keep track of your clients progress
  • Use your referral link and get rewarded

Your Personal, Pocket-Sized Expert:

  • Introduce the products you love to others using the iTOVi app.
  • Email or text reports directly to your clients’ and easily follow up with prospects.
  • Have scanning parties to draw in new clientele and promote interest.
  • Host private webinars through iTOVi to help train and teach the best business building practices.
  • With iTOVi’s convenient setup, you can scan anytime, anywhere — all you need is the scanner and your cell phone!

“I can honestly say that I consider ITOVi just as much of a tool as the products I educate on.”

Jackie B.

“The month I started using iTOVi to boost my business… my classes were getting more people showing up!”

Samantha L.

” iTOVi has been an open door, bringing us many opportunities for our family and business!

Tony & Missy D.


Take control of your nutrition today with the iTOVi scanner.


*Referrals must be active for 15 days to qualify. This is to account for returns. Any referrals that are within their first 15 days will show as “Pending” in your Dashboard. If someone you refer decides to cancel and return their iTOVi scanner, their referral will not count towards your total referrals. Referral credit can be assigned within the first 30 days of purchase only. By definition, a referral is someone who purchases after someone else. We cannot assign credit to someone who purchased their iTOVi scanner before you. Monthly access fee reductions are applied the billing cycle after the qualification period. Referral payments are processed the 15th of the month that follows the qualification period and sent out on the 20th.