Essential Oils & The 5 Love Languages

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Love is an essential part of our overall wellness.  Yes, we all need regular sleep, stress, and good nutrition—but we also need to love and be loved! We all need to connect socially, to share our emotions with others, and feel acceptance! And so, we thrive when we have the right amount of family-love, friend-love, [...]

Essential Life of the Vanilla Oil

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Vanilla-stick-with-oil-bottle Vanilla Did you know that 90% of the vanilla consumed in the world is synthetic? That’s because real vanilla is precious, difficult to produce, and one of the most highly valued spices in the world! It first grew in ancient Central America, where the Totonac people used it for medicinal and [...]

Essential Oils & Facial Moisturizers

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Moisturizing is one of the most vital steps of skincare.  Because the simple truth is—apart from oxygen, water is the #1 commodity our bodies need to function well and be healthy! And our skin, as the largest organ of the body, needs its fair share of it! Fortunately, moisturizers don’t have to work all by [...]

Essential Oils vs Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual-Cramps No woman enjoys getting her period.  However, for some of us, the inconvenience of the blood is nothing compared with the twisting, aching pain of monthly menstrual cramps!  These cramps can last for hours, or even days, disrupting our schedules, stealing our energy, and overall just making us feel unjustly targeted [...]

Essential Oils and Facial Exfoliation

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Woman-Exfoliating-Skin When it comes to our faces, we all have a healthier, more vibrant, younger self hidden under the surface. And the job of an exfoliator is to bring that younger, beautiful self out! Exfoliation is a powerhouse tool in skincare, partially because a good exfoliation routine elevates and enhances the effect of [...]

Essential Oils & Facial Toners

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Woman-Applying-Toner Toners are like the extra credit assignments of skin care.  They aren’t as foundational to a skincare as cleansing or moisturizing...but if your personal skincare routine is pulling a B-, you might consider adding in a  toner to get it up to an A!  And, as a bonus, toner are skincare [...]

Essential Oils and Facial Cleansers

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Woman-washing-face-over-sink Daily cleansing is considered by many to be the first and most important part of a good facial skincare routine.  But using a facial cleanser isn’t as simple as just picking up a “facial cleanser” at the store and slathering it on your skin every once in a while.  You need [...]

Essential Oils & Facial Serums

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Woman-Using-Facial-Serum If essential oils had one best friend on the skincare shelf—it would definitely be the serum.  Serums are potent formulations. They are designed to carry more active ingredients than other kind of skincare solution, to penetrate down to the lower layers of the skin, and perform all kinds of actions. Add [...]

The Brain Power Checklist

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Brain-Lightbulb There’s nothing quite as frustrating as the hours or even days when your brain is just…not working as it should be.  It may be an episode of brain fog, listlessness, or a headache. You may be feeling distraction-prone, anxious, or simply out of ideas—but one way or another your brain just [...]