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The iTOVi Guide for New Year’s Resolutions

By |2022-01-12T18:21:45-07:00January 7th, 2022|App Library, Recipes, Training|

Essential oils and New Years Resolutions go hand in hand. Don’t believe me?  In nutshell, they both target our wellness, both invite us to change for the better, they both do their very best work when used in habit-creation, and your use of both can be enhanced through iTOVi! Here is our 2022 iTOVi [...]

What Have Essential Oils Got to Do with the Flu?

By |2022-12-12T09:46:05-07:00October 15th, 2021|App Library, Body Systems, Recipes, Uses|

Essential-Oils-and-Flu Ah, the flu. It throws wrenches into our holiday plans. It steals our energy. And it jumps from person to person like an ambitious mosquito—the flu is no fun. And since it mutates every year, we all stand a good chance of catching it every year. It’s a pain.Still, just because the flu comes back [...]

How to Use Blends Effectively

By |2022-01-20T12:35:37-07:00October 11th, 2020|App Library, Blends, Recipes|

selection-blended-essential-oils-and-herbs Introduction A blend is so much more than just a bunch of essential oils mixed together. A true blend is a mixture of oils specifically chosen to synergize together for a specific purpose. Just as the lighting in a room can completely change the room's atmosphere, a well-mixed essential oil blend [...]

Boredom Breaker – Essential Oil Blend

By |2021-12-07T10:56:38-07:00June 20th, 2020|App Library, Emotions, Recipes, Uses|

boredom breaker and essential oils Boredom Breaker Ingredients: 3 drops Bergamot 2 drops Grapefruit 2 drops Lime Understanding Boredom:  Boredom often occurs when we have 1) time and energy to spare and 2) a natural desire to be mentally stimulated but are having a hard time finding a satisfactory outlet for that [...]