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But to get you started, here are the Class Ideas that already exist within the iTOVi Blog!

From Essential Oils & the Five Love Languages::

Class Ideas: 

  • Talk about all the different love languages, define them, and then talk about how to incorporate essential oils with each one!
  • Teach how to do massages with essential oils!
  • Teach how to make a DIY gift with essential oils!
  • Teach how to mix up a blend and then use it to create a great ambiance for quality time or words of affirmation!
  • Teach how to do affirmation-inclusive mediations with essential oils!
  • Teach how to clean and do other acts of service around the house, in the car, or out-and-about with essential oils!

From the Brain Power Checklist:

Class Ideas: 

  • Go through the Brain Power Checklist, discuss each step, and how essential oil products can support each step. 
  • Teach about bedtime and morning routines. Help your clients organize routines customized to them, their needs, their schedules, and their best iTOVi Scan oils. Discuss  which emotional categories in the iTOVi Scan contribute the most to a good morning or evening routine.
  • Discuss stress-relieving practices, including those that can be enhanced with essential oils. Invite any team members or clients with their own iTOVi Scanner to scan themselves whenever they feel especially stressed. 
  • Plan a lesson around any one of the Brain Power Checklist items! Have clients choose what they want to do to fulfill that step and, with the help of the iTOVi Scanner, choose an oil to support them. 
  • Bonus: Help clients find the #1 product (highest ranking and most repeated) in their iTOVi scan history under the “Brain” body system. Challenge them to use this product along with the Brain Power Checklist in their wellness plan for 2 weeks.

From How Often Should I Scan?

Class Ideas: 

  • Discuss the top 4 ways of scanning yourself and what it takes to be successful with each one. Have each class member choose a method to use over the next two weeks. 
  • Study 10 Ways to Build Your Business with the iTOVi Scanner together. Share takeaways and then practice scanning and wellness-consulting each other. 
  • Analyze a scan report history. Share someone’s scan report history of 10+ scans with the group (with their consent, of course, preserving their anonymity if they wish). You may choose to distribute copies of the scan reports in digital or printed form. Challenge the group to study the scan reports and find patterns, repeat products, trends, and outliers. Discuss together what they may mean and what you would recommend for that person’s wellness plan. Challenge your class members to do the same with their own scan report histories. 
  • Challenge each class member to scan themselves with Method #4 for a week or two and study their results for patterns. In class, discuss what they learned about themselves, their wellness, and what else using this method did for their relationship with their wellness over the week. 
  • Discuss ideas on how to do a weekly, check-in scan with kids. What are the best methods for getting kids to engage with the scan report, especially on the emotional side?

From Digestive Health & Essential Oils

Class ideas:

  • Teach about the importance of the gut-brain connection/gut microbiomeespecially for mental health. Share recipes for healthy meals that include fiber and probiotics.
  • Teach about the importance of a regular, balanced eating schedule. Discuss class members’ obstacles to keeping up a regular, healthy eating routine. Share ideas on how to meal plan and otherwise overcome time-related obstacles.
  • Teach about the critical role a child’s diet plays in their development. Share ideas with each other about how to get kids to eat when asked to, how to get them to eat healthy, how to pack healthy lunches, and how to teach children about their digestive health.
  • Teach about macronutrients. Split into teams and see which team can come up with the tastiest-sounding meal that is balanced between carbs, healthy fats, and proteins.
  • Teach about the importance of hydration. Discuss class members’ obstacles to good hydration habits. Share tips with each other as well as tasty EO-inclusive beverage recipes!
  • Teach about the importance of a particular nutrient (macro or micro). Cook a healthy meal together that emphasizes that nutrient. Send class members home with copies of the recipe and invite them to share more recipes with each other.
  • Review the top digestive-support essential oils and digestive issues they can help with. Mix up a digestive-support blend that class members can take home and use!

From Respiratory Health & Essential Oils:

Class Ideas: 

  • Review the respiratory system and (as listed above) the top strategies and oils for taking care of it. Share ideas with each other on how to establish homes and habits conducive to respiratory health. 
  • Make an EO home cleaning solution together and discuss cleaning strategies/habits that will help you maintain your home’s cleanliness/your family’s safety from harmful microbes.
  • Discuss the importance of hydration, as well as tips and life hacks to help get your 3 liters of water in every day. Share recipes for safe EO-inclusive drinks with each other.
  • Exercise for 20+ minutes together, spending a portion of that time in each of the 3 heart-rate zones. Discuss how to set up and maintain an exercise habit that is good for your heart and lungs. 
  • Using the oils listed above, mix up a throat/chest rub that can be applied in the event of respiratory illness. Discuss natural, holistic methods of combating a cold or flu.

From Structural Health & Essential Oils:

Class Ideas: 

  • Discuss structural health as a class, including what it means and what your class members can do to support their individual structural health. Mix up an EO muscle-rub solution together and teach some self-massage techniques to reduce muscle tension!
  • Cook a balanced, healthy, calcium-rich meal together. Exchange recipes and ideas for healthy eating! 
  • Do a workout together, making sure to lead your class through both a warm up at the start and a cool down at the end. Discuss exercise safety and how essential oils can help you exercise regularly and effectively!
  • Teach your class attendees how to do a body scan meditation to detect and release tension they may be carrying in their structural system. Scan each other and discuss the “Structural” category products that come up and how you can use them in a wellness plan.

From Immune Health & Essential Oils

Class Ideas
  • Review the main points of this blog post with your class. Share ideas on how to make immune-system support a regular part of your day. 
  • Discuss the importance of a clean environment with your class. Show them how to make a natural cleaning solution and/or how to use an air-purifying blend. Challenge them to clear some grime, toxins, or invisible microbes out of their home over the next week.
  • Make something together! Make a healthy meal together, make natural cleaning products together, or perhaps a soothing blend or some bath bombs to enhance a bedtime routine.
  • Discuss the “Bonus: When to Take Special Care of Your Immune System” section above. Share ideas on what you can do for each of those times. 
  • Talk about the science behind habit-formation and how you can use essential oils to help your kids create good habits for lifelong immune health!
  • Diffuse some invigorating oils and get everyone’s heartbeats up for twenty minutes (dancing, circuit training, you name it!). Afterwards, discuss how they can get their 150 minutes of exercise in a week and how essential oils can help. 
  • Invite each class member to review their iTOVi Scan histories and look for repeat products and trends in the immune system category. Discuss your findings. 
  • Hold a class discussing stress. Invite class members to share what de-stresses them individually (solitude, a lunch with a friend, a particular hobby, etc), how they know when they’re stressed, and how essential oils can help. Challenge them to take a personalized 20-minute stress break twice a week. 

From Allergies vs. Essential Oils

Class Ideas
  • Review the biological cause of allergies. Discuss how to work regular immune system support into your family’s wellness plan. Additionally, discuss smart methods for exposing your children to common allergens to prevent allergic sensitization.
  • Discuss the toxic load in your home. Discuss how to teach children/include them in your efforts to maintain a healthy home environment. Make an EO cleaning solution together to take home!
  • Discuss how to recognize and respond to allergy symptoms. Give a hands-on lesson to your class on how to open up your airways or give yourself an anti-inflammatory massage with essential oils. Discuss how to recognize an emergency-level allergic response (such as anaphylaxis) and what should be done in such a case.

From Your Endocrine System & Essential Oils

Class Ideas:
  • Review the endocrine system together and why it is so important for the body. Discuss your different endocrine glands, hormones, and what they do for the body. Dispel myths about “hormones” being bad things.
  • Discuss emotional processing and the difference between the emotional nervous-response and emotional endocrine-response. Discuss how to build self-awareness and good emotional-processing skills through journaling, self check-ins, boundary-setting, and more. Challenge your students to notice and deeply process at least one emotion that comes up in the coming week. 
  • Discuss healthy, balanced eating. Make a healthy meal together and share ideas and resources for healthy eating. Invite your students to seek out and come back with their own healthy recipes to share. 
  • Discuss toxins and endocrine disruptors. Discuss how to purify the air, clean your home, and replace toxic products with natural, EO-based substitutes. Make a take-home EO cleaning solution together.
  • Discuss sleep routines. Discuss what helps you create and maintain good pre-bedtime and morning routines and how EOs can help be incorporated into both. Write down your plans and make some roller blends to take home! Have your students set goals for their sleep habits in the coming week.
  • Discuss stress management. Share and practice together different methods of stress tracking (iTOVi Scans, apps, body scan meditations, stress journals) and stress management (meditation & breathing, yoga, drawing, walking, etc). Challenge your students to notice their stress and use these methods to de-escalate themselves in the coming week as needed. 
  • Discuss balanced exercise. Review the importance of regular exercise and its benefits, but also the importance of not over-training. Do a 30-minute cardio exercise together (helping your students track their heart rates if you can) and cool down together afterwards. Share ideas and resources with each other to help build healthy exercise habits. 

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