Cleaning Your Swamp Cooler with Essential Oils

Here in Utah, a lot of people still own swamp coolers…but not a lot of people know how to clean them. After a few hot summer months, you probably have that “musty” swamp cooler smell no matter how often you clean it. Hmm, if only there was some all-natural, clean-smelling liquid we could apply with just a few drops….

cleaning your swamp cooler

Did lemon oil come to mind? Maybe tea tree or grapefruit, even? Whatever you thought of, grab that go-to cleaning oil and let’s get cleanin’! Here’s how we recommend not only cleaning your swamp cooler with essential oils recipes, but getting it to smell good, too:

  1. Turn off your swamp cooler and disconnect the power. Drain out all of the water.
  2. Dampen a sponge with a bit of water and white vinegar. Use this sponge to clean out the cooler tray and loosen mineral buildup.
  3. Fill the cooler with fresh water.
  4. Pour a few drops of your favorite oil, or oils, into the water in the swamp cooler.

These essential oils will help to neutralize odors from any mildew or mold buildup inside your unit. Plus, your house will smell amazing when you use it!  

Cleaning your swamp cooler

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