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At iTOVi we want to make sure everyone is safe when talking about our incredible technology. Below are some tips on things you can say and what not to say to ensure use of compliant language.

How to describe iTOVi to other people:

iTOVi is a bioimpedance measuring device that determines your body’s reaction to frequencies recorded in supplements and oils. During a scan, the iTOVi uses bioimpedance technology by sending frequency characteristics to the body one at a time and measuring the body’s response to each. iTOVi then produces a report that ranks your reactions to each frequency, listing in order the products to which the body had the strongest response.

Bioimpedance can also be described using the terms galvanic skin response or electrodermal activity.

In summary, iTOVi is a reaction-tracking device. iTOVi does not diagnose your body in any way, rather, it displays your body’s response to a frequency-like stimulus that is found naturally in the products you sell.

What do the results of an iTOVi report mean?

At iTOVi, we believe you should use products that your body responds well to. The results of an iTOVi report show the products to which you had the strongest response.

When a product shows up on the report, you can tell clients that they had a good, positive or favorable response to the product. Of course, this “good” response refers only to the bioimpedance response. iTOVi isn’t saying the product is necessarily good for them.

As an example, a common question we get is “How does iTOVi know which products I need?” First, iTOVi doesn’t measure which products you need, just your reaction to them. Second, iTOVi doesn’t know; it only displays how your body reacted to the product’s frequencies and signals.

We don’t claim to know all of the reasons why a person’s body would react a certain way to a product stimulus. If we went down that road, we would inevitably start making diagnostic claims. What we do know is that when people use products that they have a strong reaction to, they tend to feel good and experience an increase in their mood.

After an iTOVi scan, the results show that your body had a favorable, strong, good or positive reaction to the products. Remember to use those words when talking about the response, not how the products will affect your body.

What not to say:

iTOVi is not a diagnostic device. However, many of our users will acknowledge this but still use diagnostic terms when describing iTOVi. These are some of the most commonly used incorrect descriptions of iTOVi:

  • iTOVi tells you what your body needs.
  • iTOVi tells you what your body wants.
  • iTOVi shows mineral deficiency or what your body is deficient in.
  • The products on the report are the ones iTOVi says are good for your body.
  • iTOVi is accurate because the products that come up on reports correspond with a condition from your body.
  • Never use disease terms when talking about iTOVi (diabetes, heart condition, cancer, flu, etc.)
  • Never use diagnostic terms when talking about iTOVi (chronic, acute, diagnosis, treat, cure, etc.)
  • iTOVi does not measure the body’s frequencies – this is something that we often hear which just isn’t true. iTOVi sends frequencies to the body as a stimulus to incite a response, then iTOVi measures that reaction.
  • We do not send frequencies throughout the body – technically we only send frequencies through the very small space between the two probes. Saying that we send frequencies throughout the body makes it sound like we are circulating frequencies through the entire body which isn’t the case.

If you need help using the right words to describe iTOVi, please call one of our Customer Success Advocates who are ready to help you be successful with your iTOVi.