The Environmental Side of Your iTOVi

It’s no secret that your surroundings can have a major impact on your mood.

Regardless of the setting, our environments can change the way we feel for better or for worse. What you see, smell, and hear all contribute to your overall mood and performance. So how do we bounce back when our current environment may not be ideal? We’ll talk a bit today about how wellness technologies like the iTOVi Scanner are making it easier to adapt to unique environments.

There have been studies on how the color of your room can affect productivity and even on the psychological impact of lighting in your room! Each individual may experience their environments different than others, but there are definite conditions that most would find to improve happiness or other moods. We often find that our environments are not always controllable, making it hard to rebalance under each unique circumstance.

Luckily, we can tap into the power of essential oils and wellness products to help us rebalance our emotions. You can learn more about how the iTOVi works on our technology page.

Environmental Icon

In every iTOVi scan report, you’ll see that the listed products are sorted into three categories called the Health Triad. We’ve implemented the Health Triad as a way to address three important aspects of overall health and wellbeing, Environmental, Physical, and Emotional. The Environmental category contains oils and products that may influence one’s well-being, attitude, and mood in response to our immediate surroundings. When viewing your scan report, select the Environmental icon to see products and oils that are recognized as aiding in your environmental well-being.

Let’s look at an example of an evening commute.

You’re commuting home in an overly crowded public transit vehicle and your surroundings are less than desirable. After a few moments of feeling claustrophobic and frazzled, you remember that your iTOVi scanner is just sitting in your bag! Forty seconds later, your scan report will provide you with a list of essential oils and products that may help balance your emotions and provide a calming relief.

While we may not be able to control our surroundings constantly, we can always work to improve our current state and wellness. With the help of essential oils and supplements, we can improve how we experience our surroundings at any moment. With the iTOVi, you get an informed recommendation on how to improve your current state no matter where you are.  

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