An Essential Oil Lover Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day can be stressful…especially when you don’t know what to get for your significant other! While the oilers in your life would never be opposed to getting more oils, it’s always fun to mix things up and try something new. We’ve collected 10 of our favorite essential oil gifts to give this Valentine’s Day, to your gal pals and spouse and everyone in between! From jewelry to apparel, this gift guide will have you worrying less about presents and more about perfecting your favorite Valentine’s dessert recipe. Happy shopping!

  1. EO&Such Essential Oil Flashcards ($10-$28): Whether your loved one is an oiling expert or a newbie, they will love these fun and helpful flashcards from EO&Such! They give everything from how-to hints to essential oil fun facts.
  2. Bekai Essential Oil Doormat ($35): Spice up your loved one’s front door with these fun and functional doormats from Bekai. If the person on your list is always hosting scanning parties, their guests will adore the cute welcome.
  3. LoilJ Tassel Earrings ($16): If a diffuser necklace isn’t your thing, then try out these chic tassel earrings from LoilJ. They come in different colors and are great for diffusing your favorite oils on the go!
  4. Simply Reeni Essential Oil T-Shirt ($25): Simply Reeni really knows how to make us oilers happy! She has so many stylish products, ranging from t-shirts to coffee mugs. Help your oilers share their passion with pride!
  5. Root & Petal Roller Bottles ($14): Have you ever seen such cute roller bottles?! The Root & Petal has so many fun colors and patterns to choose from, you could please every oiler on your list!
  6. iTOVi Scanner  ($799.99 or $9.99 with monthly $39.99 access charge): This is the gift that keeps on giving! Whether the oiler in your life wants to grow their business or just take control of their wellness, they will get so much use out of their iTOVi scanner. When buying an iTOVi as a gift, be sure to call our support team at 877-483-3748 to work out the details.
  7. Lava Essentials Diffuser Bracelet ($13-$32): This is the perfect gift for those classy minimalists in your life. If they love simple jewelry, they’ll especially love Lava Essentials. Each lava bead is handcrafted and unique.
  8. The Curated Carrot Diffuser Necklace ($10-$60): Give the gift of confidence with these stylish necklaces from The Curated Carrot. We’ve tried these and love them! You can even personalize the gift with a monogram letter.
  9. Red Fox Lane Essential Oil Bag ($20-$26): If you give this cute oil bag to someone on your downline, it’ll give them a reason to buy more oils! Talk about a win-win! Red Fox Lane has so many fabulous styles to choose from–you can plan on pleasing everyone on your when shopping here!
  10. Smelly Faces Diffuser ($14-$52): Could these essential oil diffusers be any cuter? Smelly Faces has so many adorable gifts to choose from, with everything from diffuser keychains to snuggly pillows. Give your kids a new best friend and the benefits of essential oils, all in one.
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