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Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-17T14:33:16-06:00
Where can I compare features between the iTOVi Personal and Business Plan?2022-11-30T10:17:18-07:00

You can download the plan comparison chart by clicking –> here.

Besides myself, how many contacts can I have and scan on the Personal Plan?2022-11-18T09:31:42-07:00

You can have 4 in addition to yourself.

Can I change my contacts?2022-11-18T09:30:45-07:00

Once a contact has been created, it cannot be swapped or deleted.

How often can I scan myself or others?2022-11-18T09:28:47-07:00

You can scan as often as you like. We recommend scanning at least once a week.

What is the cost of the Personal Plan?2022-11-18T10:32:49-07:00

Right now the price of the Personal Plan is $9.99/mo plus the one-time cost of the iTOVi Wellness Scanner. The price is scheduled to increase to $14.99 when we come out of BETA.

If I start on a Personal Plan, can I upgrade to a business plan at a later date?2022-11-18T09:25:57-07:00

Yes! You can upgrade by logging into your account at, or by contacting Customer Support at

If I upgrade at a later date, will any of my previously paid subscriptions go towards my new plan?2022-11-18T09:23:25-07:00

Previous subscription amounts were used to pay for the subscription plan you were originally enrolled in; therefore, no funds previously paid will go toward the new plan; however, the price of the Wellness Scanner will be waived. You will begin paying the new subscription amount, or the full amount of Lifetime, or Lifetime+.

How do I unlock all the features in my app?2022-11-18T09:22:09-07:00

In order to benefit from all the features available within the iTOVi app, you will need to upgrade your plan from a Personal Plan to one of our Business Builder plans.

Can I pay a la carte for additional features?2022-11-18T09:19:18-07:00

No, unfortunately not. If you would like to unlock all the iTOVi app features please contact Customer Support at

With the Personal Plan, what do I earn when I refer someone and they purchase an iTOVi?2022-11-18T09:16:17-07:00

You will earn a $9.99 account credit that will automatically be used toward your next month’s service.

Can I transfer my account credit to a friend?2022-11-18T09:13:57-07:00

Account credit is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, and expires after one (1) calendar year.

Can I purchase the warranty for my iTOVi Wellness Scanner if I’m on the Personal Plan?2022-11-18T09:10:45-07:00

Yes! If you purchase the warranty at time of signup, or within the first 30 days, the Lifetime Warranty will be a one-time cost of $19.99.

Can I purchase the Reference Books that are available in the app?2022-11-18T09:06:16-07:00

Yes! Reference Books can be purchased for $1.99 a month per book.

Can I place my Personal Plan account on Hold?2022-11-18T09:03:14-07:00

Yes! Customers on the Personal Plan can still place their account on Hold for $5 a month. This can be completed by logging into the Dashboard or contacting Customer Support.

If I downgrade to the Personal Plan from the Business Plan what happens to my contacts and their scans?2022-11-18T08:56:11-07:00

Unfortunately the scan data will not be saved if you downgrade from a Business Plan to a Personal Plan.

How do I reset my iTOVi?2019-01-11T14:38:54-07:00

The on/off switch acts as the reset button for the iTOVi scanner. Reset your device by turning the device off and then back on 3 times.

How do I check the status of the battery in my iTOVi?2019-01-11T14:37:51-07:00

Once your iTOVi scanner is connected to your iTOVi app, you can check the status of the battery in the settings of your iTOVi app. At the top of the settings page, the battery icon will be either green, yellow, red or grey. If the battery icon is grey, it means you are not yet connected.

How do I connect to my iTOVi with Bluetooth?2019-01-11T14:36:55-07:00

The iTOVi uses the latest form of Bluetooth technology, and does not need to be paired to your iTOVi scanner. Ensure that your Bluetooth and iTOVi are turned on, log into your app and attempt to connect and scan.

What kind of charging cord does the iTOVi use?2019-01-11T14:30:56-07:00

The iTOVi uses a Micro USB charging cord.

How should I hold the scanner?2019-01-11T14:29:07-07:00

We recommend using two hands during a scan. You can place your palm around the large sensor and touch the other sensor to your other palm.

How do I connect my scanner to my phone or tablet?2019-01-11T14:31:20-07:00

Make sure that your device has charged for at least an hour and that it’s turned on. Then, turn the Bluetooth on on your phone/tablet but do not pair to the scanner. Log in to your iTOVi app, click Settings and then Test Connection, then attempt to run a scan.

How do I know if my device is turned on2019-01-11T14:31:25-07:00

The iTOVi has an on/off switch on the side. “I” means on, “O” means off. The device will vibrate and light up when it’s turned on.

How do I send a scan report to a client?2019-01-11T14:25:16-07:00

Once completing the scan, you’ll have the option to email or text the report to the client.

How do I know which products I need the most?2019-01-11T13:35:27-07:00

The iTOVi scanner cannot tell you which products you need the most. Instead, it shows you which products your body is having the strongest response to.

How should I use each product that appears in my scan report?2019-01-11T15:46:14-07:00

By clicking on each product you’ll be able to view the common uses for each product as well as the recommended application whether topically, aromatically, ingested, etc.

What do the Health Categories mean?2019-01-11T13:38:49-07:00

Products are assigned to a Health Category based on the way they are most commonly and safely used. The products that fall under the Emotional category may influence well-being, attitude, and mood. The products that fall under the Environmental category may influence our response to our immediate surroundings. The products that fall under the Physical category may affect our physical health and wellness.

What does the Sync iTOVi Data button do?2017-08-29T14:03:43-06:00

The ‘Sync iTOVi Data’ button updates all your preferences and data across your mobile devices, ensuring you receive the latest content and updates.

Will you refund previous charges for months I didn’t use the scanner?2019-01-11T14:18:03-07:00

If you aren’t using your device as often as you’d like, it’s important that you contact Customer Support to pause your account. Your account can be paused for $5 a month for as many months as you’d like.

If you choose to cancel your account, the cancellation will take effect on the next billing cycle. Charges within 5 days of the cancellation request can be refunded.

Can I still qualify for the Refer 5 Promotion?2019-01-11T14:18:27-07:00

If you participated in the December 2015 launch promotion you automatically qualified to participate in the Refer 5 promotion. This promotion ended on December 31, 2016 and required users to obtain 5 referrals within December 2015 and December 2016 for a full refund.

We are not able to back date referrals and all data has since been finalized. Any qualified refunds were already issued.

Can I participate in an event promotion even if I was not there?2019-01-11T13:50:02-07:00

Promotions or discounts that are set up specifically for an event are for event attendees only. The purchase must be made at the event to receive the discount.

Occasionally we will run promotions that are for anyone to take advantage of. To be notified of public promotions, please Like our Facebook Page.

What is a Device ID?2019-01-11T14:20:54-07:00

Located on the bottom of your iTOVi scanner and iTOVi scanner box, is your unique Device ID. This series of letters and numbers allows your iTOVi mobile app to communicate with your handheld scanner.

How do I delete clients?2019-01-11T13:52:25-07:00

You can remove clients from your previous scans list. The process is slightly different on iOS and Android. On iOS, simply swipe left on the name of the person you want to remove and tap “Delete”. On Android, tap the name of the client and a trash can icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner. Tap the trash can and the client will be deleted.

*Please note that when a client is deleted from the list, the information is purged from our system and cannot be recovered.

Why isn’t the iTOVi scanner a diagnostic device?2019-01-11T13:55:16-07:00

The iTOVi scanner system is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. The iTOVi measures changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin and then displays a report of products.

What if I get the skin contact error message when scanning?2019-01-11T13:59:52-07:00

You may be receiving the skin contact error message if your skin is too dry or too moist. The iTOVi needs to have clean and direct skin contact to complete a scan. Try drying or dampening your skin and try again. If the issue persists, try another part of the body.

How long should I charge my iTOVi scanner?2019-01-11T14:03:03-07:00

It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to fully charge your iTOVi scanner. On a full charge, the battery should last approximately two weeks, depending on usage.

Why aren’t my scans or client information being saved?2019-01-11T14:03:47-07:00

In order for your scan information to be saved, your mobile device must be connected to the internet using either WiFi or cellular data.

Can I use my iTOVi app while in Airplane Mode?2022-10-13T12:08:10-06:00

Unfortunately not, you will need an active internet connection in addition to Bluetooth.

What are the minimum requirements to use the iTOVi App?2019-01-11T14:07:43-07:00

The iTOVi scanner communicates via Bluetooth LE (version 4.0+) with your mobile device. Some older iOS and Android devices do not support this Bluetooth version. Please check with your device manufacturer to make sure it supports Bluetooth LE before purchasing.

Software Requirements:

iOS: iOS 8 and later

Android: Version 4.4 or later

After placing my order, when will it ship?2019-02-22T11:50:11-07:00

We are currently shipping orders within a week of the purchase date. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received. Tracking information will be emailed once the device is sent.

How is my iTOVi scanner shipped?2019-01-11T14:12:20-07:00

Domestic orders are shipped using USPS Priority from our shipping facility in Michigan. International orders will be sent through UPS and may be sent from our shipping facility located in the United Kingdom. You will be notified via email once your order ships.

How long does a scan take?2016-03-15T18:02:45-06:00

The scan should complete in 2-3 minutes or less. If your sessions are taking longer, please quit the app and open it again.

How many scans can I run?2016-03-15T16:43:29-06:00

As long as your monthly access is active, there is no limit to the amount of scans you can run.

How often can I scan? How long should I wait between scans?2019-01-11T14:33:23-07:00

The iTOVi is not designed to be run back to back; the iTOVi is designed to be run, and then for the user to benefit from these products, then scan again at a later time. iTOVi recommends allowing your supplements time to work with your body. With some individuals it can take between 30-45 days to see changes in their iTOVi scan report.