Essential Oils Lead

We decided to switch it up a bit and shine a little more light on the social aspect and possibilities behind your iTOVi. With an iTOVi in hand, you have both a completely unique essential oils sales tool. Check out the two main reasons why iTOVi users love using their iTOVi to make converting essential oils leads as easy and comfortable as possible.

Breaking The Ice

It’s natural to feel nervous approaching others about your business. Thankfully, the iTOVi scanner can help calm those butterflies and provide some relief when approaching a potential sale. We’ve found that when asked if they would like to receive a personalized scan, almost everybody says yes. The beauty of offering a free scan is that your essential oils lead has absolutely nothing to lose! So when you ask anyone if they’d like a scan, you’re not putting anybody in an uncomfortable position. Let’s run through two scenarios to demonstrate the difference an iTOVi can make.

Scenario #1: Without iTOVi

You: Hey there Sally, I was hoping I could tell you a little about my essential oils business.

Sally: You know, I’m really not that interested in essential oils right now. I find the whole thing kind of overwhelming.

Scenario #2: With iTOVi

You: Hey Sally, do you want to try this new scanner I just got? It will provide recommendations as to what essential oils your body may respond to.

Sally: Really? Sure, I’ll give it a try. I’m curious to see if it works for me.

The difference is obvious, right? Offering an iTOVi scan breaks the ice and opens the door to a conversation about essential oils without coming off too strongly. When people participate in a scan, chances are they will be intrigued by the personalized results, leading naturally into a conversation that may end in your new client purchasing products.

Interact and capture information

A handy built-in feature with the iTOVi is the brief minute pause that occurs when the scanner is collecting results. Take advantage of that pause and discuss essential oils and supplements and the difference they make. An iTOVi scan is an inherently interactive experience, creating a window of opportunity where you can have an engaged, interested prospect. By the time the results show up on the scan, your essential oils lead is well-aware of the benefits of the oils and supplements and may be more likely to purchase a recommended product. Going through your leads scan report provides you the opportunity to explain your favorite way to apply and use certain products.

Another great feature of our scanner is that the iTOVi acts as a data collector for you. In order to be scanned, your clients need to put in basic information, their email address, and name. Which means that you can stay connected with your prospect well after the initial scan. Being able to follow up with clients with a personalized email and including your social media handles for them to learn more creates more sales opportunities and gives potential clients your contact information.

An iTOVi scan may help you gain a better understanding as to what your client might be going through and how to best communicate with them. It also provides you with a reason to reach out again and see if they’re interested in receiving another scan a couple of weeks down the road. That insider information separates you from other distributors, allowing a more meaningful relationship to develop with potential clients. As that trusting relationship further develops, you may find yourself with not only a loyal client but a new friend as well.