Healthy Halloween Treats

Despite what your kids might think, candy isn’t the only thing to eat on Halloween. Believe it or not, there are ways to enjoy the holiday without loading up on sugar. To help you fight off cavities and scare away tummy aches, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite healthy Halloween treats. We’ve done the work for you, so now you can dedicate your time to tracking down the last odds and ends needed for each little Wonder Woman and zombie doctor in your house.

  1. Spiders on a log

A fun twist on a classic favorite, this treat couldn’t be simpler. You can swap out the raisins for small plastic spiders if you reeeeally want to fit the Halloween vibe, but why not let the kids use their imaginations? All you need is celery, peanut butter, and the “spiders” of your choosing!

  1. Pumpkin Oat Muffins

A healthy version of pumpkin bread?! Yes please! Cupcakes are so kid friendly, since normal cake ends up on the floor more than in their mouths. We love this healthy recipe from Everyday Health. Just top them off with these fun Halloween Cupcake Toppers and you’re good to go!

  1. Clementine Pumpkins

How cute are these?! It’s so easy to adapt this lunchtime staple into a fun Halloween treat. You can surprise your kids with the funniest faces or let them draw the face themselves! Make an afternoon out of it and call it “meal prep.” 😉 We got this idea and picture from My Fussy Eater.

Healthy Halloween Treats

  1. Chocolate Apples

Who needs candied apples when you could have delicious dark chocolate?! It’s better for your kiddos and yummier for you. Everyday Health says you just need 4 apples, sticks, 1 cup dark chocolate baking chips, and some parchment paper to make these tasty treats.

Healthy Halloween Treats

  1. Candy Corn Popsicles

These healthy frozen treats are ADORABLE. We can’t wait to try these out ourselves. And thanks to The Girl Inspired, the recipe is easier than ever.

“What we have here is plain yogurt mixed with honey or agave (they liked the agave sweetened ones better) on the bottom of the mold, 100% orange juice with a tad of food coloring in the middle, and 100% pineapple juice with a tad of food coloring as the final layer.  Freeze them up and you’ve got candy corn on your popsicle stick!”

Healthy Halloween Treats

If you make any of these treats for your fam bam on Halloween, be sure to tag us in the pictures! @itoviscanner We love seeing how fun and creative you can be. Now go enjoy this fun holiday season with your loved ones, and remember, Halloween can be healthy!

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