The iTOVi Scan Report: App 2.0 Edition

So you have your new iTOVi scanner and are beyond excited to get started using it with your friends and clients. You’ve installed the app, your preferences are set, and your long awaited scan begins! As the iTOVi scanner measures the changes in the electrical conductivity in your skin, the app displays the progress of the scan. Shortly after, the scan is complete, and the iTOVi scan report is ready to view!

How do you effectively read the iTOVi scan report? We’ve broken it down in a few steps so you can interpret results easily and keep on scanning!

Understanding Categories:

The iTOVi Scan report will measure three primary categories of wellness: Emotional, Environmental, and Physical. By assessing your body, the iTOVi scanner will select which category you are having a reaction with at that moment and find the right products for the job. Let’s break down each category:

1. Emotional: Feeling stressed or uninspired? Products that fall under the emotional category may influence your overall well-being, attitude, or mood.

2. Environmental: Your immediate surroundings can have a significant impact on your emotions and personal wellness. Products in this category may improve your response to your surroundings.

3. Physical: From muscle soreness to distracting headaches, nobody enjoys the feeling of pain, illness, and discomfort. Products in the physical category may have an impact on your physical well-being and general health.

Understanding Products:

Now that you understand categories, you’ll notice products are sorted into a category. Depending on your setting, product responses may include blends, oils, supplements, or drinks.

At the top of the report, you’ll notice a round chart which visualizes your top product responses. If you are viewing the report on your touchscreen device, you can easily click through to the different parts of the chart to display all of the products (see below).


Scroll the comprehensive list of products with the most important product starting at the top of the list. Each product will have a brief description of what it is as well as recommended usage. This is very helpful if you are unfamiliar with the product or are seeking more details about usage.

Once you complete the scan and go through your results, the report is then shareable via email or text. Adding notes to the report can help you keep track of your client’s progress and add personal recommendations for each session.

The iTOVi scanner is a great way to keep track of products for both yourself and your clients. Knowing how to correctly read the iTOVi scan report, take notes, and share with your network will set both your personal wellness and business up for success.

Haven’t got started with the iTOVi Scanner? Learn more about how you can grow your business with iTOVi today!

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  1. Dorothy Gourlay July 25, 2018 at 03:37 - Reply

    Will the new Itovi have more capabilities like the Zyto Balance?

  2. Elyn Fong August 13, 2018 at 08:13 - Reply

    I preordered for the new ITOVI Scanner since Jun 2018 and I was charged 1st payment.
    Until today, there’s no news on my itovi scanner shipment (already over 90 days).

    When will the team ship out my ITOVI 2.0?

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