iTOVi Tip: Skin Contact Error

Have you ever tried to scan a client and had a skin contact error message pop up? Here are some common reasons you may be experiencing this issue.

  • Hand Temperature
    If your client has hands that feel like ice packs, then the iTOVi scanner will not be able to measure the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin as accurately. Ask your client to rub their hands together for a few seconds before scanning. Washing their hands in warm water can also help warm those hands up in no time.
  • Moisture
    If your client’s hands are too moist or too dry, the iTOVi will not be able to pick up the frequencies that it tests for during the scanning process. An easy way to fix either of these issues is to ask your client to wash and dry their hands just before scanning. Be sure that they do not put on any lotions after washing. You can also have them drink a cup of water to help bring some hydration to their skin.
  • Holding the Scanner Correctly
    The iTOVi sensors are very receptive and do not need to be held much tighter than one would hold a cell phone. Similarly, holding the device too loosely may create space between the user’s hand and the sensors. Be sure your client can feel both sensors against their inner palm.
  • Other Scanning Areas
    Some people may have circulation issues in their hands that may be impacting their scanning ability. Try holding the scanner against other areas of the body (i.e. bicep, stomach, foot, etc.).

And finally…

  • When in doubt, perform a reset of your scanner.
    Most technical issues can be fixed by resetting the iTOVi while it’s charging. To reset your scanner, simply push a paperclip into the small Reset hole on the back of your device until you feel a small click.
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