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These past two years have been an absolute dream for iTOVi. We’ve sold over 25,000 scanners and our scanners can be found in 71 countries throughout the world! Seeing as this is quite the accomplishment, we decided to sit down with the founders of iTOVi for a little nostalgic interview about the origins of iTOVi and see if we can get any future plans out of them.

iTOVi’s COO Kurt, CEO Michael, and CMO Cy

What was the inspiration behind iTOVi?

Cy: iTOVi fits well into my personal beliefs and values I hold. This had to be the case in order for me to believe in iTOVi. Nutrition, Education, and Business are three things I am passionate about. I love to learn about Nutrition and Business, so educating others and helping them in some form learn about both is satisfying to me. If iTOVi truly didn’t help others, whether that’s living a more health-conscious lifestyle, or building their business, or both, I would not promote it, let alone be passionate about iTOVi.

Mike: We wanted to improve upon what was already on the market and provide research and development to this area of science. We believe that galvanic skin response technology is a key piece of the puzzle to provide a non-invasive way to find a wealth of information about the body. We feel iTOVi is poised to drastically influence the world of personalized healthcare.

What has been your favorite part of the two-year journey?

Mike: My favorite part has been to see the excitement that individuals have over taking charge of their personal health and wellness. Our generation has changed from those of our parents and grandparents. We tend to be more empowered when it comes to wellness and iTOVi is a central part of that.

Kurt: My favorite part of this journey has been working with so many great people. I can’t think of a better group of people to work for than our distributors. The distributors are so passionate and caring. Internally, iTOVi has some of the very most talented people anywhere!

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned through these first two years?

Mike: The biggest lesson I have learned is to be more grateful and to rely on individuals who have talents and abilities greater than my own. It is easy to give a founder of the company the credit for its success but I know this is only partially true. iTOVi customers and employees are who really have shaped the company.

Any big plans for coming down the pipeline?

Cy: Value value value. We’re doing our best to make progress in all areas of our company with the primary objective to add value for our customers. We’ll continue to add features and benefits to our app, website, training program, conventions, etc.

Kurt: We do have some really cool things coming down the pipeline! Stay tuned!

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