A Mutual Partnership

Our partners are an integral part to our business. We support one another but more importantly, together we support each others customers.

Below is a list of our partners and their offerings. If you would like to form a partnership with us please reach out to Jon McGarry.

Our Partners


Take control of your nutrition today with the iTOVi scanner.


*Referrals must be active for 15 days to qualify. This is to account for returns. Any referrals that are within their first 15 days will show as “Pending” in your Dashboard. If someone you refer decides to cancel and return their iTOVi scanner, their referral will not count towards your total referrals. Referral credit can be assigned within the first 30 days of purchase only. By definition, a referral is someone who purchases after someone else. We cannot assign credit to someone who purchased their iTOVi scanner before you. Monthly access fee reductions are applied the billing cycle after the qualification period. Referral payments are processed the 15th of the month that follows the qualification period and sent out on the 20th.