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The iTOVi Personal Plan

You care about your personal wellness, iTOVi’s Personal Plan is designed to help you and loved ones maximize emotional and physical wellness through personalized essential oil recommendations.

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Personal Wellness Means Living Your Best Life

Staying in tune with and on top of your personal daily wellness changes everything! And now you can do it for yourself and your close loved ones!

The Personal Plan gives you tools to:

  • Feel confident about your household’s emotional and physical wellness! 
  • Feel secure in the wellness foundations that uphold the rest of your busy, wonderful life! 
  • Feel proud of yourself, the life you are living, and the future you are creating!

Personal Plan Key Benefits

You either use essential oils for personal use and/or to support others. Either way we’re here to support you.
  • Priceless insights into your (and your family member’s) physical and emotional wellness with unlimited iTOVi scans
  • Personalized guidance for creating personal wellness plans in your family
  • Greater value out of your wellness product purchases
  • A method to help you track, study, and more deeply understand the patterns of your stress and wellness over time
  • Access educational tools that will help you and those you love become more wellness-educated and wellness-motivated
  • Optional inclusion of DNA traits to shore up your crucial wellness cornerstones
“I love that it takes out the guesswork for my family and getting them the support that they need. Love love LOVE my iTovi! I recommend it all the time.” – Abigail G.

Personal Plan Features

The iTOVi Personal Plan is in BETA. Purchasing the Personal Plan gives you access to the following features and continuous upgrades. While in BETA, plan features may change and improve. While in BETA pay only $14.99 $9.99!

    • Basic Scan Reports
    • Body System Reports
    • Emotion System Reports
    • Personalized Scan Profiles
    • Scan Histories
    • Personalized Product Recommendations
    • Referral Program (each referral credits you $9.99)
    • iTOVi Library Content
    • In-App Product Purchasing
    • Customer Support Access
    • Reference Books (optional)
    • iTOVi DNA Reports (Optional)

We love love love our customers!

Giving back to our customers for referrals is our way of saying THANKS!

Explaining Our Personal Plan Referral Program

Getting a referral while on the Personal Plan means that you have referred someone to iTOVi and they have purchased an iTOVi Plan and Wellness Scanner. This equals one referral.

Here’s what you can expect when you get a referral while on the Personal Plan :

  • iTOVi will credit you $9.99 for each referral.
  • Your credit will be applied to your next billing cycle.
  • Referrals must be active for 15 days to qualify. This is to account for returns.
  • Any referrals that are within their first 15 days will show as “Pending” in your Dashboard.
  • If someone you refer decides to cancel and return their iTOVi scanner, their referral will not count towards your total referrals.
  • Referral credit can be assigned within the first 30 days of purchase only.
  • Credits are applied the billing cycle after the qualification period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I compare features between the iTOVi Personal and Business Plan?2022-11-30T10:17:18-07:00

You can download the plan comparison chart by clicking –> here.

Besides myself, how many contacts can I have and scan on the Personal Plan?2022-11-18T09:31:42-07:00

You can have 4 in addition to yourself.

Can I change my contacts?2022-11-18T09:30:45-07:00

Once a contact has been created, it cannot be swapped or deleted.

How often can I scan myself or others?2022-11-18T09:28:47-07:00

You can scan as often as you like. We recommend scanning at least once a week.

What is the cost of the Personal Plan?2022-11-18T10:32:49-07:00

Right now the price of the Personal Plan is $9.99/mo plus the one-time cost of the iTOVi Wellness Scanner. The price is scheduled to increase to $14.99 when we come out of BETA.

If I start on a Personal Plan, can I upgrade to a business plan at a later date?2022-11-18T09:25:57-07:00

Yes! You can upgrade by logging into your account at, or by contacting Customer Support at

If I upgrade at a later date, will any of my previously paid subscriptions go towards my new plan?2022-11-18T09:23:25-07:00

Previous subscription amounts were used to pay for the subscription plan you were originally enrolled in; therefore, no funds previously paid will go toward the new plan; however, the price of the Wellness Scanner will be waived. You will begin paying the new subscription amount, or the full amount of Lifetime, or Lifetime+.

How do I unlock all the features in my app?2022-11-18T09:22:09-07:00

In order to benefit from all the features available within the iTOVi app, you will need to upgrade your plan from a Personal Plan to one of our Business Builder plans.

Can I pay a la carte for additional features?2022-11-18T09:19:18-07:00

No, unfortunately not. If you would like to unlock all the iTOVi app features please contact Customer Support at

With the Personal Plan, what do I earn when I refer someone and they purchase an iTOVi?2022-11-18T09:16:17-07:00

You will earn a $9.99 account credit that will automatically be used toward your next month’s service.

Can I transfer my account credit to a friend?2022-11-18T09:13:57-07:00

Account credit is non-transferable, cannot be redeemed for cash, and expires after one (1) calendar year.

Can I purchase the warranty for my iTOVi Wellness Scanner if I’m on the Personal Plan?2023-05-02T11:21:43-06:00

Yes! If you purchase the warranty at time of signup, or within the first 30 days, the Lifetime Warranty will be a one-time cost of $29.99. After 30 days have passed from initial purchase the price of the Limited Warranty increases to $99.00.

Can I purchase the Reference Books that are available in the app?2022-11-18T09:06:16-07:00

Yes! Reference Books can be purchased for $1.99 a month per book.

Can I place my Personal Plan account on Hold?2022-11-18T09:03:14-07:00

Yes! Customers on the Personal Plan can still place their account on Hold for $5 a month. This can be completed by logging into the Dashboard or contacting Customer Support.

If I downgrade to the Personal Plan from the Business Plan what happens to my contacts and their scans?2022-11-18T08:56:11-07:00

Unfortunately the scan data will not be saved if you downgrade from a Business Plan to a Personal Plan.


Take control of your wellness today with the iTOVi Scanner.


*Referrals must be active for 15 days to qualify. This is to account for returns. Any referrals that are within their first 15 days will show as “Pending” in your Dashboard. If someone you refer decides to cancel and return their iTOVi scanner, their referral will not count towards your total referrals. Referral credit can be assigned within the first 30 days of purchase only. By definition, a referral is someone who purchases after someone else. We cannot assign credit to someone who purchased their iTOVi scanner before you. Monthly access fee reductions are applied the billing cycle after the qualification period. Referral payments are processed the 15th of the month that follows the qualification period and sent out on the 20th.