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Build Your Social Media and Business with iTOVi

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iTOVi scanner? Check. Friends and family that are excited about their scans? Check. Using your scanner to build both your social media and your business? Uhh...that's an area we're sure we could all use some help in. Now, where would you be able to advertise your scanner, include your testimonial about it, and be [...]

Explaining iTOVi to Non-Oilers

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Do friends or family members ever ask you about your iTOVi scanner, and you aren’t quite sure how to explain it? If they use oils, it’s pretty easy to get them excited about a personalized wellness scanner. But...what if they aren’t oilers? How do you briefly sum up galvanic skin response at a holiday [...]

5 Practices to Avoid Burnout in Your Business

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Whether you are a veteran wellness advocate or just getting started, everybody is subject to burnout with their business. If you're reading this and thinking, “No way, I never get tired of what I do!” we are speaking to you. It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and have a [...]

Ain’t No Party Like a Scanning Party

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You're a pro at hosting oil parties but what about scanning parties? Hosting a scanning party is a great way to introduce your iTOVi scanner to clients, friends, and family! After a brief explanation of the technology behind the iTOVi scanner and how to read their scan reports, we're sure that your attendees will be blown [...]

4 Common Scenarios to Reach for Your iTOVi Scanner

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After the iTOVi scanner does a quick scan with galvanic skin response technology, it lists products to improve your overall general wellness. Learn more about how the iTOVi scanner works on our technology page. Whether you are looking to wow your clients or take your health and wellness to the next level, the iTOVi [...]

3 Social Media Platforms to Help Build Your Business

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It’s safe to assume that you’re already quite familiar with social media. Chances are you came across this blog post using Facebook! It’s no secret that Facebook is a fantastic tool for intendent distributors, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only tool that you’re utilizing. You can more easily expand your downline as you expand [...]

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Breaking the Ice with Your New Essential Oils Lead

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We wanted to move away from the technological side of iTOVi and focus more on the social aspect. What makes iTOVi such an effective sales tool is how approachable it is. Here are two big reasons why iTOVi makes converting an essential oils lead as easy and comfortable as possible. Breaking the ice It’s [...]

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How Often Should I Run An iTOVi Scan?

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It is safe to run an iTOVi scan everyday. However, in order for you or your clients to see the full effects of the supplements and oils you take, the number of scans run is determined by your product choice. For individuals who use essential oils, you could run a scan every 3-4 days. [...]

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