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Caring for Your Scanner

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If you have an iTOVi scanner or are thinking of purchasing one, it’s important to know how to properly care for your device. Our scanners are extremely durable (we once ran over a scanner with a car to see what would happen, and the case didn’t even crack!). Despite the strong design, it’s essential [...]

4 Common Scenarios to Reach for Your iTOVi Scanner

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After the iTOVi scanner does a quick scan with galvanic skin response technology, it lists products to improve your overall general wellness. Learn more about how the iTOVi scanner works on our technology page. Whether you are looking to wow your clients or take your health and wellness to the next level, the iTOVi [...]

How Often Should I Run An iTOVi Scan?

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It is safe to run an iTOVi scan everyday. However, in order for you or your clients to see the full effects of the supplements and oils you take, the number of scans run is determined by your product choice. For individuals who use essential oils, you could run a scan every 3-4 days. [...]

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