How to Start a Wellness Journal

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Starting a journal is a great New Years resolution that can leave you feeling at peace and in tune with your emotions. Many of us worry that a journal will be too time-consuming for our busy schedules. It’s not always about finding the’s about making the time. Your time spent journaling is time [...]

5 Practices to Avoid Burnout in Your Business

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Whether you are a veteran wellness advocate or just getting started, everybody is subject to burnout with their business. If you're reading this and thinking, “No way, I never get tired of what I do!” we are speaking to you. It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and have a [...]

Ain’t No Party Like a Scanning Party

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You're a pro at hosting oil parties but what about scanning parties? Hosting a scanning party is a great way to introduce your iTOVi scanner to clients, friends, and family! After a brief explanation of the technology behind the iTOVi scanner and how to read their scan reports, we're sure that your attendees will be blown [...]

3 Healthy Habits for Kids in School

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Before summer ends for those of us still hanging on, we wanted to offer some last few bits of advice to ensure that your child has the best school year possible. Whether your little one's a preschooler or a junior in high school, these healthy habits will go a long way to give them [...]

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Naturally Beat Stress with 4 Simple Tips

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Before going into how to naturally beat stress, here are some somewhat intense stats: 44 percent of Americans report that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. A huge factor that led to such a big jump in stress levels is fear – 49 percent of Americans cite fear as a [...]

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