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App “How To” Training Videos

Welcome to the iTOVi App training center! We are always working to provide iTOVi members with the latest and most useful features, and want to make sure that you have any and all of your questions answered.

Click on any of the videos below to watch them. We recommend having your iTOVi App opened on your phone so you can follow along with the steps that the training videos will show you.
Enjoy the trainings and, as always, feel free to contact customer support at or by phone 877-483-3748 if you have any difficulties, further questions, or other feedback.

How to Connect Your iTOVi Device

How to Check the iTOVi Battery Life

Where can I find my Referral Code?

My Account Settings in the iTOVi App

How to Create and Edit Product Groups

Creating and Editing Client Groups

How to Customize your Report Settings

Do I Need Data to Scan?

How to Contact Customer Service

How Do I Interpret the Wheel (Part 1 of 2)

How Do I Interpret the Wheel (Part 2 of 2)

Which app Version am I on?

Client App Training

Language Setting