Wear and Care2018-09-17T14:40:38-06:00

The iTOVi scanner was designed for use anytime, and anywhere. Caring for your iTOVi scanner is simple. Follow these guidelines as you use your iTOVi scanner to keep it performing at its best.

Keep It Clean

The iTOVi scanner is intended for portable use, and portability exposes it to many things. To remove buildup, wipe your iTOVi scanner with a lightly damp alcohol or disenfecting wipe, making sure no liquid enters into the spaces around the silver iTOVi sensors.

Invite your clients to wash their hands before use. This will not only clean the hands but also warm them. This promotes circulation and reduces skin contact errors.

Keep It Dry

The iTOVi scanner is an electronic device. Electronics and liquids don’t mix. Make sure your iTOVi scanner is safe from any potential liquid damage. Do not run scans near sinks, toilets, tubs, or any bodies of water.

Handle With Care

The iTOVi scanner is a business investment. Dropping it can potentially harm internal and external components, affecting its functionality. If you are accident prone, consider purchasing the iTOVi Extended Warranty.

Keep the iTOVi Scanner safe from temperature extremes. Do not leave your device in a vehicle where the temperature can shift very quickly.

Store It Safely

The iTOVi scanner is made to last. Storing it safely ensures that unnecessary damage doesn’t occur. Keep the iTOVi scanner in its box when not being used. When carrying the device in a purse or backpack, make sure it will not be broken or smashed by other contents.